Recent, Current and Upcoming Projects

Mine Advisory Group (GB) / German Federal Foreign Office (D)

Mali / Burkina Faso, 2016

Evaluation of the German contribution to the programme “Regional Assistance to Arms Management, Control and Destruction in the Sahel (Phases I – III)”, with field visits to Mali and Burkina Faso. Other countries covered (Sierra Leone, Chad and Niger) will be assessed by remote evaluation instruments. The focus is on small arms and light weapons, in particular the prevention of illicit proliferation.

Zif (D) / OSZE

Mongolia, 2016

Short term election observation of parliamentary elections; deployment to Ulan Bator and surroundings

EU / Eptisa (E)

Comoros, 2016

ROM monitoring of the EU-financed project “The House of Ecotourism”, an initiative of an NGO on promoting ecology issues, particularly on the Grand Comore island. The initiative is to create a network of interested actors in the promotion of tourism with a focus on national heritage: nature and ecology, history and culture, as well as education. The approach targeted is on involving rural communities by creating and equipping sites for integrated tourism.

EU / Eptisa (E)

Tchad, 2016

ROM monitoring of the EU financed project “Support to the Demining Sector in Tchad” (PADEMIN) consisting in the support of activities of actual demining: technical identification of areas with mines and remainders of war, removal and / or destruction of mines and explosives. Also, sensitisation of populations in mine affected areas of related dangers, and finally support measures for mine victims. The project is implemented by specialised international and bi-lateral NGOs (MAG, Handidap International, Swiss Foundation on Mine Action), and is in support of the National Demining Commission.

EU / Eptisa (E)

Guinea, 2016

ROM monitoring of the EU financed project “Support to National Authorising Ordinator”, a EU technical assistance to the Ministry of Planning department (ON) in charge of managing and supervising all EU projects funded under the European Development Fund instrument. The project consists in the provision of a permanent technical advisor to the ministry.

EU / Eptisa (E)

Guinea, 2015

ROM monitoring of the EU financed project “Support to the para-military corps of nature reserve rangers in Border Management”. The projects aims at efficiently securing the country’s nature reserve parks, in particular its wildlife, but also to increase the security of adjacent populations in particular in view to illegal activities in these areas (poaching, logging). The project is implemented by UNOPS.

EU / Eptisa (E)

Senegal, 2015

ROM monitoring of the EU financed project “Support to Border Management”, in order to support the government to better control ongoing irregular migration movements, mostly towards Morocco and the EU. While – with the support of FRONTEX - the maritime borders are under control, land border controls, in particular with Mauretania, need further improvement. The project is implemented by IOM.

EU / Eptisa (E)

Angola, 2015

ROM monitoring of the EU financed project “Support to Government of Angola to define and implement an effective policy for Social Protection”, comprising of two components: institutional strengthening and capacity building at the Ministry of Social Assistance and Re-Insertion, as well as development of new assistance policy approaches and their pilot implementation in 3 provinces. Implementing agencies are UNICEF and Louis Berger Consult.

EU / Eptisa (E)

Nigeria, 2015

ROM monitoring of the EU sponsored project “Promoting better management of migration in Nigeria (PBMM)”, addressing mainly issues of prevention of illegal migration and related issues. Implementing partners in the project are UNODC and IOM, as well as national institutions involved in migration (Ministry of Interior, Police etc.).